Education’s Social Network and Fundraising Solution
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Community Memberships through donation Communication from school to community Promote local businesses through high school network Interactive Parent Portal that allows 2 way confidential communication and updates on student Parent access to community promotions


Build funding support for the school Parent donation to school will give access to interactive parent portal for student data and local business promotions Sell community sponsorships to display in PasPoint


Access by administrator, teacher, student, and parent to actively engage in learning process Longitudinal student data Customizable data Quantitative and Qualitative Student data through document generator Customize testing data reporting

PasPoint is a solution

for schools to address

data driven, student

centered learning while

building funding support

for schools through parent

and community


What Everyone is Talking About

PasPoint is a multifacited program that brings together student data, community, and fundraising. PasPoint is a revolutionary tool to bring a network of support to the school and create a virtual social network of supporters. Through Paspoint data- driven instruction can be used to support school goals, as student data services may be provided. School supporters can make donations to the school and in return will gain access to communication from the school, local community promotions, and parents will have access to their student’s data.
PasPoint School Solutions
Connecting Parents and Community to the school
PasPoint is a tool for schools to develop a virtual support network of school staff, parents, students, community and alumni. The support network supports the school financially and PasPoint provides a communication tool to the network to improve the education of the students and community.  
We want to create a Partnership with your School and PasPoint will show how your school can make $75,000
Nontraditional Fundraising Made Simple A social network is created based around the school.  School faculty, staff, and students get instant logins.  Parents and community members join the network  through a school donation and in return gain access  to community discounts and advertisements. Local  businesses buy space on PasPoint to promote their  businesses and offer discounts. A return of these  resources are given back to the school.