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We are educators with a passion to make a difference in school reform.

PasPoint has been in development for over 10 years. George Woodring and his daughter Julianne Woodring founded

PasPoint after realizing that they both had a similar passion for education reform. George and Julianne brought together

different educational experiences, strengths, and educational backgrounds to make a well-rounded team for their PasPoint


George Woodring has worked over 22 years in the education field with over half as an administrator. 

George’s experience in dealing with risk factors for students started fifteen years ago as Safe and Drug

Free School Coordinator for Volusia County School District in Florida. George joined Palm Beach County to

become Program Director for Federal Grants designed to Reduce Alcohol Abuse. It was at this time that

George noted the importance of data access and usage as being a key element for staff members to

effectively work with students. George’s primary objective has been to listen to end-users and make

adjustments to improve the product. George holds a Master of Education from Stetson University.

Julianne Woodring has over 13 years of experience in educational research.  She started a LIT Research

consulting business for educators who were working on research, grants, or implementing education

programs.  Julianne was a consultant for the School District of Palm Beach County. She began research on

educational data systems and data-driven instruction during her undergraduate studies and continued her

focus on Data-Driven Instruction for Student Centered Learning through her Masters program.  Julianne

holds a Masters of Education from Rivier University. She also worked as a preschool teacher for five years,

which culminated the creation of the DASSEL program, an Early Childhood version of PasPoint.


The History of PasPoint

PasPoint was founded by George Woodring and originally started as Plan and Alert for Student Success (PASS) in 2006. The PASS software tool has been modified throughout the years as it became PasPoint.  It was a 10 year progress to develop a program with such extraordinary capabilities. PASS was piloted in several schools from Tennessee to Florida and has received great feedback. PasPoint was developed after George and Julianne noticed that many schools did not know what to do with their data. They needed training and input capabilities beyond a data warehouse. After much research and methodolgy PasPoint was created to offer educators data in a way that is readible and useful. A training program was created to ensure that teachers can understand their student data and use it to inform instruction. Over the past 2 years PasPoint has developed beyond a data program. George Woodring came up with the PasPoint Community Network as a method to bring resources back to schools and offer a program that High School students can get first hand business experience. Schools are looking for methods to bring the community together and communicate with parents. PasPoint has become a multifaceted program that brings in resources, community involvement, and student data in one place.