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How is the PasPoint data program different?

Be able to report all testing data and other diagnostic data in one location easily assessable for teachers and students PasPoint document generator for analysis of student achievement to personalize the education for each student Confidential communication tool to school administration and teachers for students and parents Allows teachers to digitalize lessons and assignments for students to reduce printing cost through PasPoint document generator Send newsletters and other educational surveys to students and parents

PasPoint Data Services

Most Schools’ Parent Portals are strictly grades and attendance only. PasPoint interactive data tool will engage students and parents to take ownership and personalize the education process for each student. PasPoint Services will assist schools to implement data driven instruction. Provide a data mining tool to easily address school data through a user friendly tool primarily to be utilized for staff, students and parents. PasPoint will ensure the success of our programs through thorough, research based trainings and will see you through the program so that teachers use the best quality practice We will ensure smooth implementation and operation of our programs through basic training resources delivered to the teaching staff. PasPoint will support the needs of your school as it launches our programs and through development and growth.

Easily Affordable Pricing Structure

PasPoint will provide the software tool for staff and students FREE for an introductory period School will pay for Professional Development Training for staff PasPoint will work with school administration to place the customized student data into the PasPoint software tool Eliminates papers, cuts back on time, and keeps everything neatly stored in one place. PasPoint will personalize your set-up to fit the needs of your school All costs can be regenerated through PasPoint community and findraising