The Ultimate Network to Connect School to Community

Communicate: Schools send out event information, newsletters, and school news to community Donate: Community members can make donations to school Parent Interactive Portal: Parents can see student data and be involved in the learning process. Communicate with teachers and administration. Sponsorship Funding: Local businesses fund sponsorships to be places in PasPoint and can offer promotions to PasPoint users
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Community involvement is a challenge for many schools. PasPoint has the ultimate network system to virtually connect the school to the community.
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A Community within a Community

The priority of the PasPoint Community is to create a sense of community based around the local high school. The local high school is the Hub of all community within the network. After giving a donation to the school community members will be actively engaged in a social network revolving around the high school hub. Communications may be sent out to community members with ease. This is a great opportunity to promote a football game or an upcoming school play. Members of the community, including parents and alumni, can feel involved in the local high school. Parents will gain access to their student’s data and be actively engaged in the learning process. There will be an easy and confidential way for parents and teachers to communicate. Parents can use PasPoint as a method to be involved with their child’s education and contribute to the learning process.
Bring together community within your school and local community.