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PasPoint services utilize the PASS software program by Ed-Interact, Inc. to identify students who are at-risk and can be used to be proactive and reactive to improve student achievement.  PASS is a complex web-based program that simplifies the student data and can be used as a tool to improve student centered learning.  PasPoint is a “single solution” data system that merges the data warehouse, student information system, assessment system, communication and collaboration tools, instructional or curriculum management systems into one school wide system.  PasPoint incorporates quantitative and qualitative student data into a student profile. PasPoint will encompass teacher inputs of plans, RTI, interventions, and assessment programs with formula editing for real scores.  PASS can be customized based on the needs of each school.
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Avoid a one-size- fits-all classroom experience and have one that is student centered.
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PasPoint offers personalized training based on your school’s needs and will walk you through the process of making data useful information. PasPoint utilizes a researched backed intervention lifecycle that walks teachers through the process of using data to inform instruction and to respond to interventions.  Our intervention lifecycle will alert your teachers on when to apply interventions or modifications within their teaching.  Through PasPoint training we can help your school and teachers be the best they can be.  •PasPoint directly affects the teaching and learning environment and thereby indirectly affects student outcomes.  PasPoint is the foundation to instructional strategy.  Our solutions support district, school-wide, and teacher needs and connect them to instruction and policy.  Educators may monitor, analyze, and react to data to make data-informed decisions for positive student centered instruction.

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