PasPoint is Resourceful

A method for a school’s School Advisory Council (SAC) to generate income to support the school Income generated through parent memberships and community sponsorship A program for students to actively engage the community to support school programs Build a network of Alumni, Community and Parents to support the school Solicit Community Organization / Clubs to access sponsorships and communication tool within the organization/ Club
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Build a community network of support with the local high school as the hub for the community.
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Where the funding comes from

Parents Parent donations give access to interactive student portal, local sponsorships, and school communications. Local Businesses Fund sponsorships to local school market and give promotions to PasPoint users. Community Members Community donations grant access to local sponsorship promotions and school communication.  Community includes alumni and local community members/school supporters. Many schools use fundraising tools such as coupon cards to bring resources to their teams or clubs. PasPoint can be used instead of the old methods and allow for funding to come from sponsorships, in the form of advertisements/promotions from local businesses. The clubs/oranizations can bring in donations from community members and parents and in return grant them access to the PasPoint community.